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Why You Hire Unsworth Marketing Group, LLC. …

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To Take Your Business To The Next Level…

All the time people all around are asking me, “What is it that you do?” Since 2009, the path of business owner has involved ups and downs and evolved into the greatest slam dunk decision that I have ever made. Last year, I invested heavily in development and training to take my business to the next level.

The results from the application and action from this investment have been transforming. The greatest value of what I deliver to my clients and my team is using what I have learned in business and in life to benefit others and protect them from the dangers ahead as they navigate the digital world of marketing and business development.

I surveyed my clients for the last three years.  The question that I asked them was, “How has my team helped you the most?” The response was surprising. The answers had little to do with tactical marketing collateral and elements of marketing. Across the board their responses clarified that the greatest help our team offers is in our ability to guide them step-by-step through the consulting, planning, and execution of their business.  The top response was “Focus”.

The formula that I use benefits my clients to look at each step of their journey in a different way. We step out the path towards their goal together. I am their guide, but the journey towards their “why” is up to them. It really has little to do with typical marketing platforms, or any textbook strategy for that matter.

We lead you using a patented system that truly does not exist anywhere. Our agency specializes in helping businesses and organizations apply what they learn so that it works for them, and in the end they are empowered and capable to do it themselves if that is the best fit for their budget and goals.

The best part of how we help is giving my clients an entirely new perspective. Our 100% transparent DIY process gives you ownership of all of your assets, your data, and the process from start to finish.  We never hold anyone’s digital information hostage and frankly, we would never have to do so to retain clients.

2018 Is A Different Year! Make It Count!

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One of the most common pain points small business owners experience is the hard time they have figuring out how to grow their net revenue. Because The Path Connection wants you to prosper, we believe in the value of offering you some free tips that will work for you. Now more than ever protecting your bottom line is NOT optional!

5 Things Business Owners Must Do For Financial Gain This Year:

1. Hire A Commerce Focused Business Advisor

I know what you are thinking…”that costs money” OR perhaps you “have no idea how to find someone trustworthy” OR some excuse similar to these, but you recognize now after finishing 2017 with unrecovered revenue and misdirected spending or even marketing channels you poured into that stole some of your ROI. Good news! There are FREE resources out there that are accessible, affordable, and accountable! Here are a few:

2. Invest In Planning BEFORE January is OVER! 

3. Make A List Of 3 Items To Reduce, Change, Cut Out 

4. Distinguish “Ideal Clients” from “Stagnant Clients”:

  • Define Ideal Clients Based On Desired Financial and Resource Outcomes
  • Take Elsa’s advice and “LET IT GO!” – let go of the clients that are dragging your time and resource down!
  • Use the time and resource you recapture to go after new ideal clients!

5. Don’t Do Business Life Alone! 

  • Develop an advisory board of people that have been there and done that! Meet with them quarterly and ask for advice.
  • Relate with others. Use what you hear and learn to respond. Apply what you learn frequently to adjust your path.
  • Get Real With Your Business.
  • The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” William Arthur Ward

5 Things That Will Lead You To Abundant Destinations Marketing Your Business

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  5 Things That Will Lead You To Abundant Destinations Marketing Your Business
  1. Acknowledge: “Houston we have a problem!” You decide here to stop settling for average results.
  2. Get help! Find a referral “From Someone Who’s Come Before You”. The people that have the most value to our business are those that have stories who have learned what we do not know yet. Go find someone you admire that is succeeding where you are lacking and listen to their story and find out who they used to get them to the other side.
  3. Understand your marketing objectives from Step 1. If you are “shooting from the hip” in your marketing endeavors you will have the same sort of inconsistent results. Stop shooting and aim. Strategy and focus lead to better execution.
  4. Know what system you or your marketing consultant / firm has in place for moving you from where you are to where you dream to be. The best system for achieving fully loaded ROI online integrates analytics and attribution with best case scenario results. You will never reach abundance without mapping out steps to get there. A good system allows companies to relate to the market, respond to the data with plan and channel adjustments, and from there repeat until results are consistently ideal targets. A lot happens beyond the landing page click and knowledge is power. The more data you look at, the more you know about the data and the trends, the more equipped you are to relate, respond, adjust towards abundance.
  5. Optimize results by focusing on what you control and letting go of what you can’t. Famous entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran says one of the areas that hinder business growth the most is wasting time, energy, and resource on people and even vendors that drain you. Go through who you are paying, how much you are paying, and what you are getting in return and let go of every application, system, software, or agency that is not demonstrating a return on achieving your main objectives. Elsa sang it best, “Let It Go!”.